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We love the country and the people of Greece and it is our favourite destination for summer vacations. Greece offers so much - physical beauty, warm seas, lovely people, fantastic history and culture, tasty food and drink too.

First stop - the Greece National Tourism website http://www.gnto.gr/

Nice tourist website with 360 panoramas of a selection of islands at Virtual Greece

My mother regularly has articles published in the Greek-o-File, an annual booklet and useful website that I heartily recommend.

Rebekah's Art:

This is mostly stored at the Deviant Art website - see HERE

Cycling -

I'm a strong advocate of laid-back cycling on bikes / trikes called 'recumbents' - your feet are in front of you and you recline on a seat. I've owned several different models. Like all bikes they help keep you fit, stop you getting too fat, get you from a to b and have minimal environmental impact. Just what the planet and your body needs. My old web site had over 12000 hits on the recumbent cycling pages so I've copied them to HERE. A couple of other links - see 'Bentrider OnLine' and 'Velovision'.

UFOs -

Steve's seen them twice, yes he was sober, he was with other witnesses, and it happened way back in 1979 and 1981 - read more HERE.

Faith -

Links to my interest in Orthodoxy and Islam HERE