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A small selection of pics to get started...

More pictures at the Kodak UK online gallery, if you'd like to be able to view please drop me an email so you can access the files. To see video clips go to our YouTube Channel http://uk.youtube.com/user/SteveSearat

Jetski fun at nearby Glynneath Lakes May 2009
Rhys and Becky on our kayak passing the 13th century church of St Illtud near our home, May 09
Steve, Jordan and Becky on the sand dunes at Aberavon, March 09
Anne paddling along the Neath Canal on Kermit our sit-on-top kayak
Steve in his Royal Observer Corps days about to try aerobatics in a vintage Chipmunk

Anne at the street Christmas Party (above) and Rebekah looking lovely taken last summer on Kos

Step-brother Paul the Hairy Biker saying Hi! Taken in the Aegean, not chilly South Wales..
Steve gets to play with a minigun, avoiding HMS Ark Royal.. on HMS Sutherland 2008
Jordan takes a walk in the woods above our home, winter 07/08
The bow of our hired boat, taken near Kalymnos
RV Calanus, host for the Autosub trials, Firth of Lorne, Scotland